Lead Project Management (Sampling/Testing)

Scope of Services for Lead Sampling/Testing Report

  • Provide firm’s principal and technicians (as needed) to meet with Owner or Owner’s Representatives
  • Conduct general inspections (including updating of existing architectural layouts, building components and room numbers/names, if/as necessary) for suspect lead materials
  • Preparation of “Listing of Lead Sampling/Testing
  • Review existing Building drawings
  • Review past sampling/testing if/any
  • Develop sampling scheme
  • EPA Lead certified Inspector to collect suspect lead materials
  • Final Report of locations of positive lead samples.

Phase II of Lead Project Management (Remediation):

  • Cost Estimates
  • Project Design (includes bid specifications and drawings)
  • Prepare “Request for Quotes” from qualified abatement companies
  • Project phasing, including pre-bid, pre-construction and coordination meetings 
  • Project oversight (Environmental Site Representative to oversee contractor’s work procedures and work practices, includes final visual inspections and air monitoring).
  • Review of Contractor Submissions
  • Bid analysis and procurement.
  • Negotiating expertise to deal with government and regulatory agencies.
  • Feasibility analysis and evaluation of alternatives.