Environmental Site Assessments

When you purchase, lease, or refinance a commercial or industrial property, you could be liable for pre-existing environmental conditions in your building or on your site.  

Jennings Environmental performs Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I ESA), which can protect you and limit your liability. 

A Phase I ESA is a detailed study of the property and surrounding properties including:

  • Thorough site inspection
  • occupant interviews
  • historical records searches
  • a study of past land uses
  • Spills, tanks, and other environmental conditions.  

Hazardous findings can include:

  • Hazardous Waste
  • Chemical spills
  • Petroleum spills
  • Soil contamination
  • Groundwater contamination

ESA’s can additionally be a tool in pre-gas drilling to develop and document a base assessment for your exclusive property or to assist in determining if property purchase or leasing is viable. 


Jennings Environmental is also qualified to solve your problems with either in-ground or above-ground bulk storage tanks.

We make an initial site assessment to determine the best solution, which can include tank removal or replacement, cleanup of contaminated areas caused by either tank or line failure.

We also perform Phase II Environmental Site Assessments. Phase II ESA may include the Phase I portion of the assessment and surface, below ground and water sampling in suspect areas. If an environmental hazard is identified or if a known hazard exists, a Phase II ESA will evaluate suspect areas on the subject property.

A Phase II assessment can be implemented without the Phase I ESA if parties are already aware of existing issues on the property.