Asbestos Project Management

Asbestos Project Management involves our entire dedicated professional team as we implement our services from initial site surveys to final reports. Jennings Environmental’s expert Project Designers can prepare the specifications to meet the needs of each client and project, as well as plan for any special conditions that may need to be met, including any regulatory liaison for modifications to existing requirements. Jennings Environmental assigns a full-time, on-site NYSDOL Certified Project Monitor (who is also NYSDOL Certified as an Air Sampling Technician) to oversee each abatement project and ensure efficient scheduling, priority analysis, and compliance with project specifications. 

Once remediation has begun, we could provide project management services to ensure that site activities are in complete compliance with all applicable state, federal and local regulations, and that Asbestos Abatement activities are in accordance with project specifications. 

Jennings Environmental verifies the completion of the asbestos project by conducting a visual inspection of the abatement area. Inspections may be followed by final air monitoring of the abatement area utilizing aggressive air sampling to ensure final airborne asbestos levels meet design criteria and mandatory state/local regulatory limits.  Site project management activities may also encompass record keeping, ongoing clientele consultation and preparation of thorough comprehensive project closeout reports.