Asbestos and Lead

Lead and asbestos are common issues when renovating or demolishing older and some new structures.

Jennings Environmental works with owners, architects and engineers to devise a comprehensive plan for sampling, testing and remediation.

Federal and State laws require an asbestos survey be conducted before any building renovation or demolition. Jennings Environmental makes the process easy for you. Our inspectors are certified, licensed, and cross-trained in a variety of fields. They understand how the different hazards may interact in your structure’s environment.


We conduct asbestos surveys in accordance with New York State Code Rule 56, OSHA, and as prescribed by the U.S. EPA AHERA protocol established in 40 CFR 763, and all other applicable state, local, and federal regulations. The types of surveys offered by Jennings Environmental include Limited, Pre-Renovation, Pre-Demolition, and AHERA.

Our surveys include sampling and analysis of all suspect asbestos-containing materials such as bulk material, airborne fibers, and settled dust or debris.

All samples are analyzed by a properly accredited independent laboratory.

Asbestos services include:

  • Asbestos Project Design:
    • US EPA Regulatory Requirements
    • NYS DOL Regulatory Requirements
    • Preparation of Site-Specific Variances
  • Daily Asbestos Project Management Services:
    • Air Sample Collection and Analysis
    • Project Monitoring and Inspection Services
  • Asbestos Survey Services:
    • Field Collection of Bulk Samples as per NYS DOL / EPA / OSHA
    • Details of Material Condition and Quantity
    • Preparation of Pre-Renovation / Pre-Demolition Asbestos Survey Reports

See our Asbestos Project Management Details.((link))


Jennings Environmental Management Inc works with owners, architects and engineers to devise a comprehensive plan for sampling, testing and remediation.

We test according to both HUD and ASTM protocols, as well as custom protocols for specialized projects.

We provide inspections for:

·  OSHA Compliance Surveys

·  HUD’s Lead Safe Housing Rule

·  Real Estate Purchases & Leases

·  NYS Department Of Health Response To A Lead Poisoned Child

·  NYS Education Department Mandated Inspections For School Districts Undergoing Renovation

Lead management services include:

  • Inspections For Suspect Lead-Based Paints And Materials
  • Lead Wipe / Soil / Air Sampling
  • Risk Assessments
  • Lead Remediation Design
  • Report Generation

See our Lead Project Management Details.((link))